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Add Concrete Features to Your Commercial Property

Add Concrete Features to Your Commercial Property

Hire a seasoned commercial concrete contractor in Springville & Mapleton, UT

With over 30 years of experience, the commercial concrete contractors at JH & MG Concrete, LLC are the ones to rely on for quality flatwork installation services. We'll install a durable basketball court, commercial-grade driveway or patio outside your office building, warehouse, apartment complex, store or restaurant. Plus, if your concrete cracks or becomes damaged over time, we'll handle all repairs.

Ready to get commercial flatwork for your business in Springville & Mapleton, UT? Discuss your ideas with us today. We'll be happy to provide a free estimate.

Learn more about our process

We take pride in our process and go above and beyond to provide solid commercial flatwork for businesses in our community. Before installing your basketball court or patio, we will:

  • Level your land
  • Remove old concrete
  • Install a rebar structure for added durability
  • Lay the foundation for concrete flatwork
  • Pour and smooth out the concrete with care

We can even install decorative concrete that's stamped or colored.

You're in good hands with our licensed and insured commercial concrete contractors. Call now to schedule your installation in Springville & Mapleton, UT.